Top Things to do in the Caribbean

Top Things to do in the Caribbean

How can you spend an unforgettable experience while visiting the Caribbean? Here are our All-time Top 3 Things you must do in the Caribbean:


Cruise in the Caribbean

cruise caribbean
Cruising in Caribbean

All you can eat and drink on board!

The best Caribbean deal to explore the overall of cruise itinerary destinations, that means you will have a glimpse of each island scheduled on your itinerary; your hours are counted offshore to maximize it on board. But still, this is one of the best way to travel safely and discovering several territories in Western, Eastern or Southern Caribbean. Affordable If you are looking to escape the winter, spend a family vacation, honeymoon, bachelor party, on budget or not. Despite all the large choice of entertainment, activities on board, hop off the boat immerse yourself as much as you can and see what’s makes each island unique, by doing walking tours, cultural tours… many Caribbean cruise ship are departing from a large selection of U.S. cities like Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West…so it’s very easy for a significant portion of U.S. travelers to access a cruise vacation.

Getting married in the Caribbean

beach caribbean wedding
Wedding on the beach

The best place to elope and live an intimate event with your loved ones!

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting married with your feet in the water, surrounded by palm trees, sipping champagne on the magnificent sunset, feeling the breeze of the fresh air with a tropical band playing in the background, the Caribbean is your perfect destination to get married.

Foremost you need to know that each island has its own set of legal requirements, you should contact the specific island tourism board or local wedding planner in order to know more about them.

So many more hotels and resorts offer distinct and unique wedding packages to accommodate couples and families and avoid you all the hassle. Tie the knot if the Caribbean is a value for money for a smaller guest list (considering guest who can afford the trip);

Also, avoid the hurricane season (it can depend but mainly from July-November) to avoid any disappointment.


Honeymoon in the Caribbean

honeymoon jamaica
Honeymoon Jamaica Inn View

Romance and luxury are the main ingredients of your secret escape in the Caribbean.

Far away from everything, you might even loose network, not encountering with mass population, it can be only you and your love one. Spending your honeymoon in the Caribbean is a privilege that a lot of people are dreaming of. The Caribbean is a destination for romance, and will respect your intimacy when you get to explore the wonders of Mother Nature, diving, sailing, sunbathing…

More and more hotels and resorts are very modern, with top designers, and offers many amenities and package that will satisfied every couple! Or you can also choose more privacy by selecting a luxury villa with a chef along side of the coast of the beach.

The Caribbean never disappoint, unless you got caught up in the middle of a hurricane…. We promise you to create a lifetime memory in the Caribbean.


And the list can go on and on…


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