Here is why shared tourism is important in the Caribbean region

Caribbean locals

Here is why shared tourism is important in the Caribbean region

Confession from Ingrid, founder of Caraib Connexion, on why she decided to experience shared tourism and to bring awareness to it in profit of the Caribbean region.


When wass the last time you booked a trip in the Caribbean? Where did you stay? Did you choose a hotel? Or did you opt for an alternative option and rent a room, or maybe an entire house, from a local?

The ideas of staying in a stranger’s home may have blown your mind a few years ago, but today it’s not just a standard practice, it’s actually the preferred accommodation for tens of millions of travelers across the world.


The sharing economy has grown exponentially in recent years and is forecast to reach over billions of dollars by 2020. Much of his growth is in the tourism sector, as the faced growth of peer-to-peer and shared usage platforms is changing the tourism marketplace and giving people new options for where to stay, what to do and how to get around. Sharing economy platforms develop the opportunity to stimulate innovation and support the expansion and development of tourism as a whole, while addressing the challenges it poses for the traditional tourism sector and it impacts on society.

Balata Garden in Martinique
Balata Garden in Martinique


Little that she knows, Introducing shared economy in the most unknown/popular islands to millennials, wanderers and globetrotters, was quite of a challenge!

Caraib connexion started as a simple solution to a pressing problem directly targeting the Caribbean tourism economy and marketing industry.

Ingrid OREL, founder of Caraib Connexion, often heard as a result that the Caribbean region was a very popular destination to pick for holiday season. Very few hotels selection and poor hospitality training was a flop for some of the islands directly targeted and was causing serious damages the Caribbean’s reputation. “They are all the same”, beach, sun, palm trees, good food, beautiful girls…. Is still such a cliche! The Caribbean is so much more than that to attract every niche of tourist. Come and explore the Real Caribbean, the Caribbean that you did not know exists!

It appears as sustainable tourism is becoming an important new trend in Caribbean islands, becomes it promotes community involvement in tourism development by taking advantage of the mountains, rivers, culture and history.


Travel with Caraib Connexion is you want to contribute with the eovlution and economig growth of the Caribbean region.

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