How to escape Winter blues?

How to escape Winter blues?

Do you have the winter blues?

We may have found the solution for you! You living in a country with four seasons, overcrowded business people, running every day after life, managing harder your social life, feeling off track and often tired? Well, a getaway is under immediate prescription! Why not trying to escape winter on a beaten off the path destination theme in the Caribbean?

Let us inspire you….

First of all, you can find a last minute affordable flight ticket through those many online travel booking platforms, such as Kayak, Momoundo, Skyscanner, Cheapflight, of even on some airline companies website which operates destinations in the Caribbean, Jetblue and American Airlines…
Online travel booking

We discover a new way of camping, with the high quality of comfort of bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and others equipment. Be one of their lucky guests as they often are sold out months in advance! Check availability now

Eco lodging for the adventurous!

The new way to immerse with mother nature is to make one with her! Away from civilisation, this new Ecolodge/cottage is a must to experience if you are visiting Martinique. The cottage can welcome up to 4 people for each reservation. ” In the heart of tropical vegetation, you will enjoy the fruits of their own garden (depending on season)”.

Mango Lodge

And finally, you can have your energy back with a little “activity on the move” on your getaway list. You wonder why mostly Caribbean native is always happy, smiling and relaxed, well with a natural environment, a perfect weather and organic fruits and vegetables fresh from gardens, there’s only a few things to complain about. But you might have to practice some Hiking, kayaking, walking around, and more…. to let us know how it makes you feel.


You might want to stay experience our four seasons under the sun 🙂

We guaranteed you, no more winter blues!

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