Are you a booking website or travel agent?
We are promoting independent lodging and authentic activities via a digital marketing trip planner tool; Which enhances listings of travel providers from the Caribbean. You can book, modify and cancel booking directly through the website; however for every concern regarding modification, cancellation about your booking, you have access to the provider’s terms and conditions and must read it before booking.

How do I search on your website?
On the trip planner page, select your preferences and set up your budget. Your results will list activities and lodging matching your request.

How can I write an anonymous review?
You do not have to enter your email or name to leave a review on an activity or lodging from providers.

How can you help me contact a business listed on your site?
You can contact them through their profile page activity, by clicking on the envelope, to leave a message.

Do you include all taxes in the prices listed?

Price from the provider is all inclusive. Additional fees will be added as for any transactions via your PayPal account and credit card payment portal.

Are the price are the best guaranteed?
We cannot guarantee these as the best fare; however we strongly encourage our providers to offer their best rates available.

How often are the prices updated?
We allow the providers to switch their rates each season.


Can I trust the providers you have on your site?
We select our providers carefully and ensure they match the requirements to register with us.

The providers listed will take full responsibility of modification, cancellation in regards of the booking.

Whom should I contact with questions regarding booking?
You can contact the provider on his caraibconnexion profile page.

However you can contact us via our contact page or phone number (working hours to direct line may vary)

What should I check before booking?
Fare, date, availability, reviews, terms and conditions to providers.

What happens after the payment has been approved?
You will receive a payment receipt, then within 24 hours you should receive an invoice/voucher that will confirm your booking. Once arrived at your dream destination, you will have to show your voucher confirmation with an identification document to the provider.

What if I lost the voucher?
Each booking is registered and submitted to each provider, so that they can find your booking information in their data base.

User Account

What can I add to favorites?
Any Activities, any lodging, any destination.

Where can I edit my personal information?
You can edit your personal info on your Profile page when you log in.

I want to delete my profile, will you keep my personal information in your system?
No, your information will also be deleted. If you wish to re-activate your profile, You can create another account with a new email address.

Do I need to log in every time I access the website?
No you don’t have to. You are free to use the website as incognito. However the booking engine will match your request as a new user.

How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?
You can be removed from our newsletter email list by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletter.