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Guadeloupe, Karibea Beach Hotel

Guadeloupe Island, French Caribbean Winter deals!

Visit Guadeloupe Island from $460 (Hotel & Roundtrip Air flight)   Welcome to Guadeloupe at the Karibea Beach Hotel in Gosier Located on the arc of Lesser Antilles, the Karibea Beach Hotel in Gosier welcomes you in Guadeloupe for a dream holiday in the countries of coconut palms, exotic fruits and other turquoise lagoons. Renovated […]

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Caribbean hotels for lovers

Meet those Small Caribbean hotels for couples only! We are given you some insight opinions from our local Caribbean team in terms of boutique hotels for couples only, live the romance away from the city, near exclusive beaches and unforgettable dinner and bespoke services that the smallest Caribbean island has to offer. Because it’s the […]

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