How to book the best Caribbean Vacation Resorts?

How to book the best Caribbean Vacation Resorts?

I am here to help you fulfill your Vacation travel dreams. Get the word out to everyone that I can do a better job of taking care of anyone’s travel needs

Benefit of having me as your Travel Agent

Born and raised in Martinique, French Caribbean! Visited most island in the Caribbean.

Studied Tourism Management at UCF, Orlando, FL while working for Walt Disney!!! (back in 2008)

Then worked abroad for a travel agency, tourism office, Starwood hotel (St. Regis, Washington DC), Luxury Hotel, The Wellesley and Café Royal in London, UK.

You can take advantage of my expertise in the Caribbean destinations!


Work with

Local providers in Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, Sxm, Puerto Rico and more!

Top notch Companies in Europe, The Caribbean and the United States of America for business trips over 6 years.

Experienced in

Group travel

Dance festival 

Solo traveler

Girls trip

Romance Getaway

Family Vacation

Business trip

Religious trip

For Single

Car rental

Villa rental




Planning your trip 1:1

Do you have a destination in mind?

Are you flexible with your booking dates? What’s the best time for booking?

Do you have a budget?

What’s the occasion? Any celebration?

Traveling with kids? Adults only?

Luxury or go on a budget?

What is your goal for this vacation?

Any goals to achieve during this trip? Bucket list?

Do you like to try local foods? Or most popular restaurants chains?




The Lure Of Travel

  • Travel fulfills dreams. For many of us, our most cherished dream is the desire to travel. Television

has done much to instill dreams in the hearts of its viewers. “The Love Boat,” “Miami Vice,” “Lifestyles of

the Rich and Famous” and many others have given us a glimpse of exotic locations throughout the world.

  • Travel offers a welcome change. There is much truth in the cliché, “Variety is the spice of life.” As if

by magic, travel allows us to alter our surroundings.

  • Travel is an investment in memories. Our photographs and videos help to evoke the memories of

people we have met and places we have visited. Travel is a wonderful way to strengthen family ties and

enhance friendships.

  • Travel educates us and widens our horizons. By knowing more about the world around us. we

become more knowledgeable and experienced in our thoughts, observations, and discussions with


  • Travel gives us a true perspective on the wondrous world we inhabit. And we come to realize the

ties that unite the human spirit across the globe.

  • Travel helps us to become more confident. As we weather new and unusual circumstances, we

become more independent with renewed self-assurance.

  • Travel can rekindle relationships. Like a current of fresh air, travel can breathe new life into a

relationship. A journey away from the tried and routine provides excitement, adventure or romance.

  • Travel helps us to appreciate home. As much as we enjoy our getaway, travel gives us greater

appreciation for what we have.

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