Caraib Connexion became an Independent Travel Agent

Caraib Connexion became an Independent Travel Agent

Yes, finally! this happened! I am excited to make this announcement regarding my new affiliation as being an Independent Travel Agent with the Travel Agency, INTELE TRAVEL.

The Bahamas
The Bahamas

Here is a sneak peek of the benefits of  becoming an Independent Travel Agent affiliate for travelers: is a licensed, endorsed, certified and bonded travel service intermediary agency.

Endorsed and certified by the major travel trade associations for its high business standards and

demonstrated commitment to the travel industry, is recognized by the world’s

major airlines and travel providers. These accomplishments stem from an innovative business

plan that makes unique in the travel industry.

Through, tens of thousands of Independent Agents refer travel business from family,

friends, neighbors, business associates and their own personal travel to a network of affiliated

reservation centers staffed by trained consultants who are supported by state-of-the-art research and

reservation technology. After thoroughly researching and satisfying traveler’s travel request, our systems

make all reservations and deliver tickets, itineraries and other travel documents to you, or directly to

your travel customer, by your designated delivery mode (e.g., e-mail, overnight courier, mail, etc.) to

virtually anywhere in the world.


The Mission is committed to providing the highest quality services through its affiliates and technology to its supplier partners, its Independent Travel Agents and their travel customers. By pursuing the business plan outlined above and drawing on resources of the highest sophistication and quality, intends to continue its phenomenal growth, pioneered the development of a new travel sales industry, and be recognized as one of the leading providers of travel related services in the world.

Today, is an innovative, travel service intermediary with a highly trained, friendly staff and an extensive affiliated network of expert Travel Consultants. To our Agents and their customers, we provide the finest combination of high-quality low-cost travel offered anywhere. As such, we are a major force for change and growth in the travel industry.


Intele Travel Values:

Quality: We conduct every aspect of our business according to the highest standards of excellence.

Customer Service: We are committed to satisfying our Agents and their travel customers with the most efficient, friendly and helpful service for all their travel needs. We recognize that the satisfaction level of our Agents and their customers is the key to our continued growth and prosperity.

Value: Through our expert affiliates, we strive to provide our Agents and their customers with the very best prices, discounts and values available to travelers anywhere and we continually seek out and create innovative offerings to increase the value that our Agents and their customers receive when they make their travel arrangements through us.

Professionalism: Our Agents and their customers expect the world from us! We conduct ourselves

with the professionalism and courtesy required to meet such high expectations.

Their Mission Is To Be The Leading Provider Of Travel Services in the World.

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