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Conditions to join

Do you think you have what it takes? Check here the conditions to join the Caribbean digital adventure

We aim to promote the very authentic Caribbean to billion of travelers!


Organized tours / guided walking tours /water activities / land attractions / rainforest attractions /  adventures / family attractions and many more.

The activities must have an official name, address, and telephone number. They must have a determined schedule. Pre-determined hours or departure times must be published on an official website or in a printed brochure.

If the attraction is not in a fixed location (e.g., if it is a tour or a cruise), then scheduled departure times, place of departure and destinations (if applicable) must be provided on the website or on a brochure.

  • Owner/founder of a local activity located in the Caribbean
  • License / permits to perform activities
  • Offer day tours or night tours
  • Safety conditions on sight
  • Other Languages skills
  • Customer service to travelers (modification/cancellation…)
  • General terms and conditions to publish


Independent small hotel /B&B/Villa/camping site/ Vacation rental

The accommodation must have an official name and address and offer daily onsite management.

To be listed in a particular accommodation category, our editors need to verify that the accommodation either:

Meets our conditions in that category as listed here, which means that we would need to see those services listed on a vacation rental website or travel partner’s website, such as a tourist board or search engine booking website.


Is licensed specifically as that specific of accommodation by either the local tourism board or the governmental of the country it belongs to.

  • Property owner of rental, Management property in the Caribbean
  • Compliance with regulations laws of your city
  • Property Insurance
  • 24h assistance to travelers and Caraib Connexion staff
  • Provide accuracy on features / services of each accommodation listed
  • Other Languages skills
  • Customer service to traveler (modification/cancellation…)
  • General terms and conditions to publish