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Caraib Connexion, Caribbean Booking Platform
Discover the Real and Authentic Caribbean Destinations

Experience the Caribbean local life through a digital marketing platform that creates experiences and resources for the unconventional traveler. Now travellers will customize their trip to the Caribbean according to their budget and best interest through a trip planner.

How many couples and families choose the Caribbean for honeymoon or cruise? How much do you know about The Caribbean other than beach, sun, party and food? Well, Caraib Connexion will help you connect with the local Caribbean whereabouts.

How many hours do you spend online finding the right and most updated information before travelling to The Caribbean?
It is more and more difficult to localize things to do around travelers when they are visiting the Caribbean. Most of the activities, accommodation for independent traveller are not updated or are described in another language. Traveler tends to look for hours before finding information on the least known/popular destination in the Caribbean. Their only resources remain to turn to travel agent and tour operator that can easily rise up the final price of an affordable getaway to the Caribbean.

What do we offer?
Caraib Connexion will deliver the real Caribbean to any independent traveler that wants to explore the
Islands; whether on a business trip or for a honeymoon. We want to engage more with the traveler,
therefore we target activities/lodging/local food/local travel services/… to minimize traveler searching
time online, and then convince him to customize and book his vacations by himself.

How does it work?
Search engine tool
You can explore what could be your dream destination: choose a destination among the Caribbean islands
You can simply enter your budget and the search engine will match your interests and budget accordingly
You can search for the outlets available during your vacation dates. You can select the theme activities that you want and endless options;

Vendor Registration Account
Register your profile
Explore the search engine tool with interests
Filter and select your favourite
Save your results
Book and organize your trip

Our Providers
Lodging providers (villa rental / bed & breakfast /hostel / small hotel…)
Activity providers (excursion / agrotourism/ watersport / sustainable / green / cultural and heritage activities…)
Travel Services providers (concierge / DMC /honeymoon services provider / business & convention….)

Our Customers
Small group
Family with kids
Young & adults
Local Caribbean
Any Budget
Located in North America & Western Europe

How did I get to this idea?
It all started when I came to Washington DC in 2012 for an internship which many friends and co-workers questioned me about my accent and exotic look, we “googled” Martinique and glazed front of the photos, videos…; then I gather online information to help them in case needed. It actually works pretty well. A bunch of them actually visited Martinique, an island they have barely heard about! I am still amazed how much cultural diversity exists in the United States and how many people are more and more willing to know more about foreign culture, most likely
when it sounds similar to an exotic destination…sometimes all travellers need is to have personal advice, tips and feedback from local experiences to go see and discover their unknown destination.

What is the motivation behind the idea?
Matching my passion to travel for a living
Motivation to be my own boss (travel as often as I want to)
Benefit from my background experiences in Tourism & Hospitality to small businesses in the less popular island of the region “Put MARTINIQUE on a map”;

Who inspired me?
Oprah Winfrey “Listen to the rhythm of your own calling and follow that”
First lady of USA, Michelle Obama “We learn about dignity and decency,
that how hard you work matters more than how much money you make”
Robert Kiyosaki “When you are young, work to learn, not to earn”
Jim Rohn “Work on yourself more than you do on your job”

Contact us
Caraib Connexion LLC
7953 NW 53rd Street
Suite 337
Miami, FL 33166