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Ingrid OREL, a Young millennial woman passionate about discovering new destinations, tasting new food, taking amazing photos and videos to have a lifetime memory of new country and experience new things in solo.

Like: reading books, meeting people from all over the world, music with drums, Kizomba, salsa, Bachata, Music festivals, Reggae, Queen Bee :), and solo trip.

Dislike: winter, unseasoned food, planes, missing on travel opportunity.







Origin of the business idea

Born and raised in Martinique, known as Flower Island, French island in the Eastern Caribbean.


Martinique is surrounded by so many cultural and heritage diversities around me that I couldn’t believe foreigners not being aware of Martinique or other less popular island in the Caribbean. This definitely has to change. From this day on, emerged the idea of connecting the Caribbean most/least popular to an adventurer, conventional traveller, solo traveller, family, or the new trendiest traveller.


Exposing and mixing new/traditional “way of” experiencing the Caribbean

The beach is the best way to escape anxiety, stress, pollution and all the bad news going on in the world that affects our morals and health. But there is so much more than that.


During my last trips, Travel like a local opened my eyes and allow me to see the richness of what a new destination can bring me. Getting closer to the local people, being fully immersed,  learn a new language, going by myself into local markets, neighborough… taking the beaten path of travelling differently enlightens me, inspired me and bring me closer to a foreign destination to call it yet Home.


Hospitality background…

Having worked in the hospitality and tourism industry for many years, taught me the fundamentals of hospitality and bespoke services. Make the customers feel welcome, acknowledge, and anticipate

Guests need. During my work experience at the St Regis Hotel in Washington DC, I couldn’t count as many guests and/or teammate has to question me about that exotic accent… Too many! I could see through travellers’ expectations about discovering new destination like Martinique. Talking about how to tailor-made travel experiences for any traveller?…
Supporting local, small, independent tourism providers in the Caribbean region

Maybe I can help small businesses in the tourism industry promote their know-how into a wider platform and at the same time help the traveller create unforgettable memories. Giving them the opportunity to promote themselves in media publishing magazines such as in-flight magazines, Afro black Travel group communities (among those), Travel magazine in North America, and much more. From the smallest boutique hotel, unique villa theme, “only locals know” things to do, to small group excursions throughout Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, St Barths, St Maarten, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Sliding through our search engine booking tool will help you customise your dream vacation taking into consideration any budget set.


This is how was born Caraib Connexion.

To enhance your Caribbean getaway, Travel like a local.


To allow and inspire to experience authentic, intimate and local experiences

To customize its travel expectation and see which destination will match his budget

To invest in the direct local economy

Growth of Homestay and collaborative tourism

To expand Caribbean island’s knowledge

To spend a memorable family vacation

To spend a unique honeymoon

The Caribbean is one of the safest regions

To brag about it to your friends and relatives 😉

Awareness of food and culinary tourism, which is one of the main reasons you should visit the Caribbean


Caraib Connexion in colors

Because diversity matters so do color 🙂

I hope the blue color like the sky and the sea will help you escape the stress away

Yellow color like the sun will enlighten your journey in paradise

Purple color will bring luxury and peace

Pink color will bring tenderness and romance for a honeymoon or couple getaway


Facts about the Caribbean

According to Christopher Columbus, who discovered The Caribbean in 1492, the name Caribbean comes from the Amerindian tribe, the cannibalistic, Caribs.

Most residents of the islands are descendants of African slaves.

Most popular music styles are reggae, calypso, reggaeton, salsa.

Only 2% of the islands are inhabited.

There are only two seasons in the Caribbean, dry (December to May) and rainy (June to November) seasons.

Food in the Caribbean is mostly based African, Spanish, Chinese and East Indian.

Dominant languages in the Caribbean are Spanish, English, Dutch and Haitian Creole.

Jamaica was the scene of the very first James Bond film, Dr. No

The most populated islands are Cuba, Haiti and Dominican Republic.

Tourism, banana, and cocoa exportation are the most popular sources of income in the islands.


Again the Caribbean is one of those destinations made for the perfect honeymoon and a wedding celebration among a large choice of hotel resort package that will meet any budget. None but not least, The Caribbean is a unique experience with natural beauty and resources of the land and trees, and to inhale the pure, fresh air while soaking in the sun.


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See you soon in the Caribbean.