5 Things to know About Martinique

Montagne Pelee

5 Things to know About Martinique


What do you know so far about Martinique?

Yes, we know most travellers are not familiar with the only French Caribbean islands of the Caribbean.

Let us give you quick facts on what you need to know before visiting Martinique.


History Fact about Martinique

Martinique Map
Martinique Map

Martinique is foremost a French department, claimed by the French since 1635.

Martinique is one of the eighteen overseas regions of France and part of the French Republic, part of the European Union and its currency Euros. The official language is French, but the entire population is also speaking Creole. It has a well-maintained public infrastructure of roads and utilities, and it has a distinctive culinary identity that seamlessly meshes the island’s French and Caribbean sides.

Martinique is located in the Lesser Antilles, Eastern Caribbean, between St Lucia (South) and Dominica (North). You can hop on each island for less than 2 hours ferry journey.


Martinique Flower island

Jardin de Balata
Jardin de Balata

Martinique is also called Flower island of the Caribbean; gifted by its flora surroundings, lush tropical environment and thousands of flowers, trees and pot plants

Bougainvilleas, banana flowers, hibiscus, orchids, frangipani to name a few, you can discover among thousands of flowers and pot plants varieties in the Balata Garden, home of the botanical garden, one of the most popular things to visit in Martinique.


Martinique Top 3 Rum Producer

Rhum de Martinique
Rhum de Martinique

Hundreds of rums specialist will ranked Martinique rums among the top 3! Best rum on earth! Martinique is the only geographic area in the rum industry that has its own AOC (label of certified origin)!

Rum’s origins can be traced to the Caribbean, the archipelago curving from Cuba to Trinidad. Historically home to colonial rivalries and sprawling sugar plantations, the Caribbean islands each developed its own approach to making rum—but as those with a passion for this most diverse of spirits are increasingly discovering, perhaps no other island’s rum is so different from the others, and so engagingly evocative of its home island, as the rum that comes from Martinique. “If you look at the islands, which were isolated from each other, you’re going to have regional differences in the styles of rum—in the way they make it, and in their personal tastes,” says Ed Hamilton, publisher of the Ministry of Rum website and an evangelist for (and importer of) Martinique rum.

The basis of Martinique rum’s character comes from the spirit’s inception. Almost all of the world’s rum is produced by fermenting and distilling molasses, a byproduct of the sugar industry; in Martinique and its neighbouring French islands, the rum originates as the juice from fresh-cut sugarcane, taken directly from field to distillery to prevent spoilage. This direct link between land and bottle is evoked in this style of spirit’s name: Rhum Agricole, or agricultural rum, as distinguished from the more common rhum industriel.


Montagne Pelee, Martinique’s Volcano

Montagne Pelee
Montagne Pelee

In May 8, 1902, Saint-Pierre was almost totally destroyed by the eruption of Mount Pelée, a blast that killed all but a few of the city’s 30,000 inhabitants.

Today, the volcano’s verdant summit rises above Saint-Pierre—after the eruption, the capital was moved south to Fort de France—and is shrouded in clouds for much of the year. The charred stone-and-cement foundations of the theater and the jail remain as reminders of the mountain’s power, and the city is now quiet and subdued, its streets bordered with bougainvillea and its once-promising future as ruthlessly broken as the bronze bell in the city’s volcano museum, squashed almost flat by the blast’s intense heat.


Airlines companies serving Martinique

Fly Norwegian from Baltimore, Boston and New York

American Airlines from Miami

Air Canada from Montreal

Air Transat from Montreal

Air France from France, U.S.A.,

Air Antilles from Miami, Guadeloupe, Dominican Republic, Guyana …

Air Caraibes from France, Guadeloupe, Belgium…

XL Airways from Paris, Toulouse


Source for Martinique Rum http://imbibemagazine.com/martinique-rums/


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